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Klassic Mercenary Kano Returns in Mortal Kombat X!
Kano Goes Commando in New Narrated Trailer
PAX Prime 2014: Gamespot MKX Demo with Adam Urbano
08/31/2014 10:52 PM :: Posted at 10:52 PM EST by Mick-Lucifer

After unveiling Kano for Germany's Gamescom 2014 mid-August - it was to be a more modest appearance for MKX at PAX Prime. While Ed Boon dropped a 6 character podiatric tease that drew speculative attention -- it was Senior Producer Adam Urbano who put in the hard yards in Seattle. He talked Gamespot through an elementary demo. Notes follow:

Demo footage of Raiden & Kano offers further impressions of their fighting variations. Master of Storms Raiden and Commando Kano show off key strengths, but retain klassic moves like Raiden's Teleport and Kano's Eye laser. This will be true of all fighters, who keep iconically klassic special moves across all Variation modes in spite of any thematic emphasis [eg; Scorpion's spear and teleport].

Gore hounds may want to skip straight to the 4min 20sec mark to witness Kano concluding with his newest eye laser Fatality. The move leaves a burning hole in the opponents head very much in keeping with other gaping wound fatalities already revealed.

The 25 year story span of Mortal Kombat X promises to usher in a new generation of fighters for a new generation of console kombat. Gen X has thus far been personified by Cassie Cage -- daughter of series klassics Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade.

Her E3 unveiling showed first signs of a fighting style and attitude that combines the military discipline and flashy arrogance of her two parents [see more], whose MKX status has been much discussed since June, but mostly unspecified. Gamespot's silver-tongued Danny O'Dwyer asked directly: "Can you fight [Cassie] as Johnny Cage?" The NetherRealm Senior Producer responded just as directly: "Yeah. You can."

Does this mean Cage is part of the main playable roster? We're as in the dark as ever! Mortal Kombat X will reveal many twists through its robust new Story Mode, which follows the format and plot of Mortal Kombat (2011). During E3, Creative Director Ed Boon noted the mode includes "some really fun" story specific appearances that could very well accommodate a battle between parent and offspring [full story].

Will Baraka have bladed offspring running around 25 years later? Mum's the word. Reptile, after much deliberation from the interviewer. All fun and games until Mileena hears about it. Interestingly, Baraka is one of the top characters being discussed after in the 6 Boot Teaser image.

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